Bindings are an important piece of snowboard equipment that need to be matched with your riding style to maximise the potential you get out of your riding. It is important to try match the flex of your bindings to a similar flex boot.

Like snowboards manufactures assign a flex rating to their bindings, this rating is a number from 1 to 10, 1 being the softest and 10 being the stiffest. This rating varies from manufactures and between models.

Softer flex bindings

These are generally used for park riding where it is better for doing tricks.

Mid flex bindings

These are generally used for all mountain purposes, these are the most versatile bindings.

Stiff flex bindings

are mainly used for free ride boards and are the best for applying the most amount of force to board.

At Tignes Spirit we stock strap in bindings. These are the most commonly found type of binding. They have a strap over the toes and another across the top of the ankle to lock you into the bottom of the binding and the high back.

Bindings mountings

Bindings mounting systems are also very important to consider before getting new bindings. We stock both 4x4 and channel system bindings.

4x4 bindings


4x4 bindings are the most common system found. The majority of brands use the 4x4 mounting system.

The channel system

Snowboard channel system

The channel system is a lock in system invented by Burton and its currently only used on Burton and Endeavour boards, which we stock here.

Splitboard bindings

Splitboard bindings

Splitboard bindings are a lightweight metal binding which is used for touring up in the back country and also for riding back down. These bindings are as light possible to ensure touring up the hill is easier on your legs. In walking mode then are pinned in at the toes and the heel is free to allow you to make strides. They also have extendable bars under the bindings that can be put down on steep terrain to assist in your walking angle. When in riding model the binding slides into the board via special split board ‘pucks’, these are then locked down under the toes which doesn’t allow the binding the slide. Splitboard bindings also have a much more adjustable highjack that regular bindings. They have a walking mode and a riding mode, the walking mode sets the high back very far back to ensure it isn’t angling your leg forward while walking, the riding mode is angles forward to make sure you can apply pressure to your heel edge when doing a big heel side slash in powder.

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