Snowboard boots are the most important part of your snowboarding set up. A good pair of boots will dramatically increase the amount of fun you will have on a snowboard.

Boots have to fit your feet well, be comfortable while riding and work well with your bindings. We have an extensive selection of snowboard boots at Tignes Spirit and a team of professional boot fitters to ensure your boots are a perfect fit. There are many things to consider when getting a new pair of snowboarding boots. The fit, lacing system, flex, liners and footbeds are all important factors of a new boot.


The fit is very important and will determine how well you can transfer your energy into the board. The boots have to fit very snug around your feet but at the same time should not cause you any pain. Your toes should be at the end of the boots but still a little bit of wiggle room and your heels should remain locked down on the foot bed. It is very important to ensure your heels are locked down, if not you lose a massive amount of toe edge control.

Lacing system

There are 3 main lacing systems available for snowboard boots. These are traditional lacing, quick pull lacing and boa lacing.

Snowboard lacing systems

Traditional lacing system

This method has been around for the longest and is the best for getting a custom feeling tightness across your boots. This system does usually loosen thought the day and requires a quick re-tightening.

Quick Pull/Speed Zone Lacing

Quick pull lacing is a newer technology that is used by many companies, each with slightly different methods of locking the quick lace in. The quick lace system is usually split into two sections, usually one that tightens the foot and one that tightens the boots across the ankle and shin. This system is faster and easier to do that the traditional lace system when out in cold weather.

Boa lacing systems

Boa lacing systems are a newer option that is fast and easy to use. Boa uses a ratcheting system that is attached to cables instead of lacing. This system has several variations, a single boa, double boa or triple boa. A single boa tightens the entire boot, while in a double boa the top of the boot and the foot are split into different ratcheting systems, a triple is similar to a double but also includes a third boa that tightens the liner.

There are also boots which incorporate 2 of the above systems to make a hybrid lacing system, these can be good for applying the correct amount of pressure in different sections of the boots.


Snowboard boot liners

Boot liners are an important part of the snowboard boot, they provide the warmth, comfort, stability and cushioning needed for a day of riding. Liners are made of a soft lightweight material called Ethylene Vinyl Acetate. Depending on company and boot, liners can be removed from the boot for drying and folding purpose. Depending on the model of boots liners can vary greatly, the quality of the liner will greatly affect the price of the boot. A stock liner is a basic liner that doesn’t have a specialised cushioning system and will slowly become more moulded to your foot over a period of time. Mouldable liners are a more advanced liner that will mould to your foot with your body heat after a period of riding. Heat foldable liners are the best liners available, these can be heat moulded to your feet to make a perfect fit from the start. This is best way to know you have the best possible lining in your boots. Heat mouldable liners can be done by our team of professionals at Tignes Spirit, we have experienced boot fitters who will ensure your boots are a perfect fit.


All snowboard boots come with footbeds inside the boot liners, depending on the boot, these can be high quality soles which quickly take on the shape of your foot. It is very common for riding to want a orthopaedic/ custom footbed. These footbeds are the perfect way to have your foot sitting perfectly in your boot. At Tignes Spirit we have several professional foot fitters who can create a perfect custom footbed for your boots to have you ripping up the hill in the most comfort possible.

The sizing of boots is also an important factor to consider. Ensuring you have the correct size boots will make riding more enjoyable and ensure you are getting everything out of your snowboarding equipment. Generally there are small differences between manufactures sizing, a boot from one company may be slightly larger or smaller than another company.

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